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Forgotten Identity

Blogging - The autobiography of Number VII; a skilled fighter & traveller, who writes while in hiding. With only 4 years of memory & knowledge, this is a journey in search of a stolen past identity: the writing goes to those who will join the fight of a lifetime.

Long-life milk

Blogging - I had been the recipient of the Korean gift many times in the past, and I knew the rules: If you received the gift, it was your responsibility to deal with the inconvenience.

The booking club

Blogging - Could it be an honest mistake? Could he possibly have mistaken me, in this club packed with Koreans, for somebody else? Or were his intentions genuinely more sinister than I dared to imagine?

Ventura Surf Blog

Sport - Fall in the Southern California surf.

_____ing and Driving

Politics, Community & Society - There ought not to be law. But there probably is one.

Individual Sanity

Lifestyle & Culture - A few thoughts on sanity between the sexes.

In Sickness and in ...

Life & Death - An old story from another time...

Unintended Science Project

Blogging - Summer time wine transit issues.

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