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Research Lab

Politics, Community & Society - A few thoughts on the evolution of emotions.

Happy Old Year

Lifestyle & Culture - You can look forward to the new year if you like. I'm a big fan of the current offering, thank you.

NaNo a No No

Writing - It's national novel writing month-for other people. I'll be doing everything but.

The pills

Blogging - The Korean hospital experience.

No answer

Blogging - Recently, my phone has been the cause of anxiety and guilt for me, mostly because of a person who continues to call it.

Nice Door

Politics, Community & Society - A knock at the door, a brief interruption.

He ain't heavy

Blogging - I should not have been taking an hour out of my work day to attend a friendly soccer match. But when a text message came through, I knew I had to find a few minutes.

Warning: This post contains references to sex

Blogging - If you have lived or travelled in Korea for any length of time, chances are you will eventually find yourself asking the question: Am I currently staying in a love motel? To answer this question accurately, I refer you to my own personal checklist.

The scarf

Blogging - I never knew true cold until I came to Korea. With this in mind, I recently decided I would knit my boyfriend, Ash, (I might have mentioned him before) a large scarf for Christmas.

Shape Shifter

Sport - Producing a custom surfboard in southern California. Good times!

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