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Worldwide Photowalk

Photography - Vancouver's penultimate photowalk.

5 Ball Juggling

Juggling - Learning to juggle 5 balls is a major task. Helps to have some words from a pro.

Future Beyond the Machine

Artificial Intelligence - We are working towards building a machine. If we never complete it, there's bound to be someone else to finish the job for us.

AI Semantics & ToE Implications

Artificial Intelligence - Semantics in AI will not be able to grasp the true nature of intelligence and may only lead it us down dangerous paths.

Theory of Everything - Wrap Up #1

Science - The first wrap up on thoughts of the equation for Theory of Everything. The easy part was coming up with the Theory, now it's just getting it out there.

The Spin Cycle Splits in Two

Blogging - Flickspin now has an official blog for all things FS related.

Closing Time for Vancouver's Local Snowboarding Action

Ski Resorts - Spring is here and Vancouver's local ski resorts are closed. Someone just forgot to tell mother nature.

Beta Launch Begins

EC2 - Flickspin's beta launch commences with a team of writers and site breakers ready to break loose.

Soft Launch Success

Software Development - The Flickspin soft launch has gone down a treat. The bugs are fixed and all eyes are on the beta launch set for mid April.

And we are Live!

Software Development - This is the first blog post on and it marks the launching of flickspin to the web.

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