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Did you eat?

Blogging - If I am hungry, I'll eat, I thought at the time. I realise now, a couple of years later, that it is a little more complicated than that.

Fwd: What I Want

Blog Via Email - I want peace in my heart. Being able to let it beat for as long as i live without having to feel the pain of the past or the fear of the near or distant future.

Breaking Boundaries

Life & Death - Don't not live your life believing everything people tell you. Some people put their own selfish needs before your own.

An Italian Experience

Travel - It seemed easy enough at first, catch the train at Nice and enjoy the scenery to Vernazza.

Home Brew, Round Two

Lifestyle & Culture - Technically, I'm not a moonshiner-this time.

115th Anniversary of the American Parking Garage

Blogging - When whatever replaces cars replaces cars, we won't have parking garages. Until then let's celebrate!

Plaza de Contraproducente

Blogging - A few words about counterproductive places.

Grandma's dumplings

Blogging - Grandma's dumplings aren't just about the taste, they're about the experience. They're about sitting at the bench telling Grandma your news, making her giggle, giving her cuddles, and watching her shaky old hands stir the pot.

Princes of Validation

Blogging - Get up in the morning and go to the Validation Salon. Beats working.

Look over there!

Blogging - a few words on the value of distraction and who benefits from staying out of the picture.