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San Diego Jury Duty

Politics, Community & Society - The US Legal system and I have mostly avoided each other over the years. I think both sides of that exchange are happy if it stays that way.

Hanging With Friends Primer

Video Games - Intro to playing the iPhone game Hanging with Friends (Hangman).

Fab Five

Lifestyle & Culture - A few small eateries across the US.

A few notes about wine

Wineries - A few words about wines and the people who pour them.

Red Wine, Dig that Girl!

Travel - Portland, forever fun, forever weird. Love it!

Brewer's Art

Cafe Reviews - A week of dinners at one of baltimore's fine dining establishments.

Ground Control

Lifestyle & Culture - Try to control the ground, or not.

It's not you it's me

Health & Wellbeing - A rerun of dunder-headed self sabotage.