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Short Stories - A woman's addiction to Spider's Solitaire turns her life a full circle.


Short Stories - A humorous story about a bitter retiree who visits God, turning his life around

Clementine EP by Washington

Music - Though it's not latest offering from Australia's Washington, the Clementine EP is five tracks full of sweet melodies and honest lyrics and it was and is an accurate indicator of the good things to come from the band.

Emotional Facebook Traffic Jam

Blogging - There are limits to what facebook can bring.

It Is All Boy Meets Girl But What Comes Next

Blogging - This is sounding off trying to get into fiction and a few stray life facts.

And There Isn't Even A Full Moon

Blogging - I have seen crazy and it does not take care of family.

all alone

Poetry - all alone and the reasons why.

In The Parking Lot Where We Decide About Life

Blogging - We make decisions to remain in our lives. I am the greatest escape artist in the world. If I wrote down all the routes I make in my mind it could be a handbook for the trapped and disenchanted.

low frequency broadcast

Writing - A female sci-fi-shaman fiction piece. Hmmmm. unfamiliar turf with fiction writing. Not sure where it is going but there was a joy in writing it.

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