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Kel and Mort

Short Stories - Two tortured dogs escape a research center and find safety.

A quick note to an old friend

Writing - a few words from one hopeless romantic to another.

The screamer

Blogging - If we pay attention there are pieces of ourselves represented in the people we encounter throughout our communities. This is a homage to the screamer and how she is my scream too.

And Michael You Would Fall

Poetry - This was the night I would kill you, stuff you under the bed with Cinderella and the broken shoe. Would bury you with the empty pencil, paste, purse you left me here with you left me, and left me.

False Joy

Philosophy - A blog about God and false joy


Blogging - This is my description between rainbow and rain.

Red Japanese Origami Dress

Blogging - A quick memory of the perfect Valentine's Day dress

The Brick Wall

Short Stories - The famous St. Valentine's Day Massacre - Al Capone sets-up the killing of Bugsy Moran and his rival gang.