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Class Prep

Blogging - Getting ready to teach.

Lord of the Flies

Blogging - End of summer battles on the homefront.

Momus Updatus

Blogging - Onging progress with the angels.


Blogging - Haven't written about angels in a while. They need the press.

Valor game levels

Video Games - last article on valor. yay!

In the Presence of

Blogging - Every now and then, I drop out of my game worlds, dream worlds and math worlds to look around this world.

Ah, my darling sweetie.

Poetry - Why politics, and social intrigues are so common. A poem for all of use when dealing with mindgames.

When the Devil calls his own

Poetry - Why Evil people should fear Satan, and Good people be glad when he collects his followers.


Poetry - It's kinda depressing.

Worth the fight

Poetry - This is for the kids out there who simply can't seem to be able to find any of their rights.