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Her place in the World

Blogging - Eulogy for my Mom. The priest stopped me after the second paragraph and told me to slow down. But I got through and think I said all the words.

Auditory Acuity

Blogging - The word on the street...and in the pubs...etc.

Holding Serve

Politics, Community & Society - We just had an election in the USA. Here is a glance at how we seem to be behaving.


Poetry - Why hope can be good, but never depended on.

On Being Pressed

Blogging - What happens when you press people to bend to your will.


Horror - A man gets a call by one calling himself Azrael saying that in exchange for a close one, he will bring his late wife back from the dead.

Violence Kills the Beast

Poetry - Poetry on the picking yourself up.


Life & Death - Saturday, its the equinox, but this has nothing to do with that.