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The world is so beautiful at 6am

Blogging | December 13, 2009

Mexico City at 6am. Probably the quietest I have ever seen a city, albeit through blurry drunken eyes. The Zocalo illuminated by Christmas lights and nativity scenes, the city awash in happiness post festival (for the Virgin of Guadelupe). My head spins after copious Coronas and my feet ache after their first time in heels since arriving in Central America some three months ago. It is an ache of joy never the less.

Much like Bay and Oliver, my time overseas is drawing to a close - I fly out on Tuesday. For all that I have seen and done, there seems to be much more to say, yet I struggle to find the right words (which if you knew me in person is quite the oddity). The last few days have been magic, filled with singing, street food, shopping and quiet reflection, which I know is still needed and is a continual process once back in the comforts of home. I am still amazed at how homely Mexico feels, perhaps due to the nature of the locals and American influences that proliferate the streets. Whatever the reason, I want to stay, speak Spanish all the time and eat chili rellenos until my tummy bursts - but first I have to return home in order to feel the full weight of the last 8 months in transit.

Faced with a gruelling work schedule upon touchdown, my last few days here will be spent soaking up the culture of Mexico City, which isn't hard as it is everywhere. Our hostel is a complete dive, but right in the heart of the action, therefore I can justify the almost $15 a night (granted it includes breakfast AND dinner AND free internet, so who can really complain??). My friend and I have formed a sisterly bond that I know will last long after this trip has ended - I love to hate her and I couldn't be here without her, it just wouldn't feel the same. It is very rare to find someone that you can spend 24 hours a day with for over 3 months and still have new conversations!

From this chair in front of this computer, with a wicked hang over and admiring the new silver ring I bought in Taxco, life just doesn't get any better. I have so much to be thankful for, yet at the same time I worked really hard to get here, and life is too short to be apologising and thanking everyone for everything, so I sit here, smile, research this gorgeous city I am in and look forward to a coffee.

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