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Running Lines Around My Head

Philosophy | January 27, 2010

With an honesty so sweet that tarnishes my teeth, your truth's ring out and set themselves like gelatin in amongst the bitter reality I keep.

Our minds, intertwined, drunk on the steps of a dance we so effortlessly created, born from the laughter we indulged in.

Do you think of me often? I get lost in the memories, like each new town with streets unexplored - I put feet to concrete in search of you.

Unbelievable and fragile, yet so true that it scares the life out of me.

For most of us, blind in the knowledge that we are trapped in daily life, change seems like an unreasonable request. The thought of alteration unwinds the delicate fabrics that make our beings - what you can do with the threads depends on the length of your stitch. I widen my horizons and surrender to the possibility of a life well travelled. When I awake now, I long for the distance that time brings, the challenge that tomorrow can't afford. - 7th August 2009, 4:03pm

I speak in feathers and fall like bricks - my only comfort is when we met.

I want a refund on that glance you stole.

Lastly, like a bottle of murky fluid, I can't see beyond the walls you put up. Maybe it's for the best, but maybe not for you.

Blinded by a concept I could never understand, you took my confusion and multiplied it.

Borne out of sadness and grown into joy, I feel the sunshine heat my aching bones for the first time in a long time.

For what it's worth, I never hated you, I merely couldn't understand why you didn't talk to me. Sometimes the hardest things to say are the easiest problems to ignore.

I catch my reflection in a mirror but do not recognise the woman staring back at me: she's strong, confident and approachable - I like her.


1. findpatti on January 27, 2010

I really enjoyed this. Especially love this line-

'I speak in feathers and fall like bricks'

Any Comments?

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