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Theory of Everything - Wrap Up #1

Science | May 5, 2008

Some of you may already know that I took a crack at the equation for the Theory of Everything (ToE) last week. I believe it to be real and I believe its consequences are enormous.

As it turns out the world is a skeptical place and the equation can only be regarded as pseudo-mathematics without peer review and mathematical rigor. To give the ToE article a little more weight I did write an article on the division by zero problem but I have also spotted a wealth of mathematical study on Wikipedia that gives even more weight to the ToE equation. The Invalid Proof page, I just put a link to, is an interesting read. There are so many instances of the LHS getting out of whack with the RHS and laughable reasons why the examples are deemed invalid - "You are not allowed to divide by zero!!! It is forbidden!!!! It shakes up the world of our numbers so don't do it!!!!".

It appears that there are a list of exceptions specifically created just to handle when illogical instances occurs. The first reaction by mathematicians has always been to reject anything that looks weird and breaks the premise that the LHS doesn't equal the RHS. After all it's a hard one to break as it is the very foundation of mathematics. At the same time, who's to say that although the foundation is highly useful that it is complete in every way?

So this is what I'm up against - breaking the main foundation of mathematics. It's not a question of amounting mathematical proof that will push the ToE forward but more of a mental shift in looking at problems with different relative perspectives. This is a much harder task, indeed, as in effect, the equation of the ToE has already been known but utterly rejected. Why would mathematics now want to spin on its heals?

Sadly, it is an up hill battle to convince people and gain respect for such a concept as that of the ToE but resistance does breed strength. I only push this as I'm utterly fascinated by it and want to see people with real genius run with it.

Any Comments?

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