The Spin Cycle

The Spin Cycle Splits in Two

Blogging | April 29, 2008

The Spin Cycle is going to have a bit of a split as I'm planning on writing FS related blog posts on Blogger as apposed to writing them on FS. This should free up The Spin Cycle for more important things as well as relocating what was essentially becoming a "corporate blog" to a more appropriate place.

The truth is, I have actually always disliked the concept of a blog because they tend to be egotistical or just plan boring - with common themes like "my cat did the cutest thing last night..." The real beauty in a blog is that it is easier to write, as you can adopt a first person voice rather than using the round about way of writing an article, plus it can gives readers a better insight into a writer's personality.

With the change up I'm hoping to focus on some key interests I have at the moment; namely nerdy stuff like Artificial Intelligence, EC2 and some Linux stuff as the snowboarding season has now come to a close.

Anyway, be sure to check out the new and exciting Official FS Blog as I'm sure it's going to be scintillating.

Any Comments?

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