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Snowboarding Season Preparation

Snowboarding | October 27, 2008

Snowboard season is nearing once again. A recent dusting on the nearby mountains served as a perfect warning to get in some last minute preparation for the season opening.

As per usual, the plans to keep in good physical shape in the pre-season went out the window as soon as it was warm enough to fire up the BBQ and crack a cold one. Despite realising I was foolish once again in the off-season, I can now try to at least limbre up for what is soon to come.

Yoga would be a good option but just following basic stretching routine should suffice. A lot of the focus should be on the back and the legs. The hamstrings are a big concern as they going to want to tighten all the more through the constant crouching while riding. Including some squats in the routine would also be beneficial and would help prevent soreness as well as the shakes.

Preparing for the season also means checking gear and tuning things like edges and fixing any dings that might need plugging. Examine carefully for signs of delamination before the start of the season and also after the first few rides as plywood glue can do funny things in the off season.

I know some of my equipment is getting old and warn out. It's going to be a tough call to replace things all at once or doing them one at a time. I want to take some time to test out some new season flow bindings but I'm sucker for the engineering behind Ride bindings so it'll be an interesting case.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember with the season coming up is that the season is long and the first rush of blood shouldn't see me out of action for the season. Also, when getting out for an early season ride to remember the base may be patchy. I've got a rock hopper and I'm going to make good use of it. If you don't, either stick the the groomers or be prepared to damage your board.


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