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Local Park Snowboarding - No Resorts Needed

Snowboarding | December 26, 2008

It's been dumping down snow in Vancouver for over a week sitting at about 2 feet deep where it's untouched. Athough it has annoyed a lot of locals the snow has given the mountains a solid base after a slow start to the season. The snow has also meant a white Christmas throughout Vancouver streets, so no one can complain too much about the freakish white stuff landing on the holiday season.

One of the benefits of the snow dumping down close to home is that you don't need to go far to get in a decent ride.

Going up the local mountains would make for some great boarding but the holiday period makes for long lift lines and crowded slopes so there are good reasons to stay clear. Instead of going to the resorts all you need is a fairly steep hill with not too many trees and presto! - you've got sweet terrain for some jump building.

I did some research and found a great tobogganing spot that also had plenty of room for the odd snowboarder.

Setting up your own booter can be the perfect way to practise your stuff and maintain your own terrain without people taking the top off your kicker. You're also not paying for a pass which makes it all even sweeter. You'll find yourself more relaxed and more focused on your riding which can go along way to becoming a better border.

For me it was a great chance to practice some backside 180's. I just hope it keeps dumping down because I totally need to work on my game.


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