The Spin Cycle

Journal Space Dies

Information Technology | January 2, 2009

I never did hear of this site but it looks like Journal Space died a sad death. It really is a warning to all content providers that mirroring a database is not enough and their should be snapshots taken regularly and stored as far away from the site as possible. Flickspin used to have a mirror of the DB with a snapshot taken daily. Flickspin now does a snap shot every hour and copies it off site. After the recent catastrophe of the site being down for 9 hours we came out with no significant data loss - a nice consolation.

Journal Space had 55,000 pages indexed with Google and were seeing some good growth. Poor Journal Space - surely they would have copies of old data for their development enviroments. I guess not. If I were them I'd be crawling Google's cache trying to pull out as much content as possible and making sure Apache logs are logging every request so that some idea of the site structure can be gathered. It may well be futile but it's a hard choice to just roll over and die.

Any Comments?

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