The Spin Cycle

iPod Touch Mic & Headphones - Sweet!!!

Information Technology | January 15, 2009

I know that Apple could have easily bundled these headphones with the iPod Touch (2nd Gen) but chose to hold them off so they could cash in on and extra $30 bucks but they do create plenty of reason for celebration. With them, you now have a decent mic that allows you to squeeze out a little bit of extra funtionality for things like voice recording and voip calls!! Now, all that is needed is a decent Skype iPhone app so Fring can be flinged and we no longer have to deal with the extra hop delays.

Any Comments?

Development Move from XP to Leopard

Published: June 29, 2009

Moving from XP to Leopard is going to be a big change for any developer but in many ways it's good to break old habits and try new things.

Google Chrome OS and the Google Ideology

Published: July 9, 2009

Google's releases continue to follow the pattern of trying to make the web the ultimate development platform. They also seem to be using the power of open source and the race-to-free to squeeze any major competitors out of the market.