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Google Chrome OS and the Google Ideology

Information Technology | July 9, 2009

Yesterday, Google annouced their new Chrome OS. Although there have been many rumours over the years that Google would develop its own OS for x86 based machines, the unvieling of Andriod, in November 2007, seemed to put most of those rumours to rest. From the get go, Andriod looked capable of branching out into the x86 family and it has since been shown to be possible. There have now been anouncements that Andriod will be released on netbooks as early as sometime this month.

So with Android on the verge of release on netbooks, why mention a new OS that is under development especially for netbooks? Perhaps it's to help stir up some hype about Google being active in the OS market but maybe the two events are unrelated and Google is just announcing Chrome OS to get the open-source community ready to support it.

I've spoken about Google's ideology before when the Chrome browser was released. The announcement of Chrome OS is in much the same philosphical vein. Looking at the marketing decision to name it Chrome OS shows that they don't care if users get confused between the Chrome browser and Chrome OS. I think it is safe to say consumers will be baffled in understanding the difference. In Google's mind, there is no difference - at least as far as consumers should be aware. Chrome is there for brand association and to be the portal that gets consumers to their data. The whole philosophy behind the Chrome browser is to make the OS fade into the background by reducing the "chrome" which is the space around the edges of the application window.

So, this shows Google's cannons are faced straight at Microsoft. Google are taking the free and open-source route and using the race-to-free to destroy Microsoft's main cash cow - Windows. Google has its cash cow with its advertising empire but it knows the web is a volitile place and the advertising cow could easily slip and break a leg one day. As I've also mention before, Google are messing around in a much bigger industry - the Energy Space. If they reach their goal of RE<C they will essentially be able to print their own money and perhaps world domination will ensue - I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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