The Spin Cycle

Closing Time for Vancouver's Local Snowboarding Action

Ski Resorts | April 23, 2008

With FS up and in beta mode there has been a few things to touch up but I've definitely had more time to kill than I'm used to. With the extra time it seemed like a good opportunity to grab the board and head to the local ski hills for a bit of Spring boarding. To my dismay they all closed up shop as of last weekend. Now, I'm not the kind to rant but FS needs content and I am pretty pissed that it's 10 degrees C in Vancouver and currently snowing above 1000 meters as I write this and there is no more snowboarding action to be had in Vancouver town.

Cypress with a 4 meter base

This season has been a bumper one to say the least. There's been around 13 meters of snow and about a 4 meter base that remains. It makes me wonder if there really isn't anymore money in the season for resort owners. Perhaps they find the only people using the lifts are season pass holders who bring in very little extra cash. Either way, it still seems crazy.

Aussie resorts are generally lucky to have a base of 2 meters during a season. As the snow vanishes towards the end of a season I've seen the snow cats push all the snow from one half of a run on to the other half just to keep things alive. Even then there are gravel patches and puddles a plenty and lots of general chaos to help keep things exciting.

Aussie conditions are definitely the other extreme but surely a 4 meter base is something to be cherished. Oh well, the way the weather is going it should still be there for next season.

Any Comments?

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