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Blogging | October 28, 2008

If you contemplate maintaining a blog it is important to remember that they are easy to start but hard to keep going. A blog that only has an entry every couple of month tends to be pretty useless. It is true that you don't want to just up your noise ratio to satisfy a stupid quota you've set for yourself, however, when you make a mental shift to write more often you'll find a lot more things to write about.

An Active Blog is Good Blog:If someone is visiting your blog, chances are they are bored and are wanting to see something to take their mind off their boredom. (If you are reading my blog you must really be in real trouble!)

People tend to have funny built in reminders and will slowly learn how often your work gets updated and will know that they won't be missing much if they don't visit for a while.

Frequency is important for sure. If you have a couple of bad posts in a row after having been writing constantly for sometime, it's likely your readers will steer you in the right direction and indirectly motivate you to keep writing.

One other thing; don't write about how your [insert small animal here] did something cute the other night. No one wants to hear that kind of thing and if they do, then it should just be kept to

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