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A Consumer's Dilemma

Lifestyle & Culture | June 5, 2009

As some readers know, I'm currently on an 8 month trip through the Americas. It's Day 5 and everything has been pretty peachy to date.

I'm currently in Portland, the land of no sales tax and I'm contemplating a purchase. My laptop is over 4 years old and has one broken hinge. If the screen moves a couple of degree away from vertical it falls closed or against my knees. I'd get it fixed but it's not the only problem with the machine. I'm not sure how much longer it can last. In someways it's quite amusing, in other ways... not so much.

Not being a big consumer buying a laptop is a big investment for me. Especially since I expect the thing to last for at least 4 years. I've been tossing up the idea of a netbook, especially the models known to be hackintosh compatible. The problem with this idea is the suitable ones are mostly only available through online purchase which is near impossible to do while travelling from city to city.

I almost gave in to the idea of buying a MacBook but my body wont physically allow myself to do it. They are over priced and franky to trendy for my liking. I thought "hey, I can just cover it with stickers and no one will notice." I am a fool.

The other main reason for not wanting a Mac is if I lose it or break it. Travelling can be pretty hard on equipment. Also, not forgetting, Apple's WWDC announcement is coming on Monday, anyone would be stupid to buy anything Apple related before Monday as Snow Leopard will probably be announced along with a host of other interesting releases.

So here I stand, forced to make a purchase before my second hinge snaps setting my screen free from its laptop oppression while having limited choice on a rather important investment.

I'm at the crossroads.

What would you do?


1. butthead the builder on June 5, 2009

have you tried to glue on a new hinge? Ron.

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