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5 Ball Juggling

Juggling | August 23, 2008

Did quite a bit of work attempting to juggle 5 balls today. Almost made it through 2 cycles so I'm starting to think I'm pretty close. Getting the idea of the rhythm seems like the hard part. Although the motion is very similar to 3 ball cascade, the timing and speeds seem to be hard to fathom.

As with all juggling you've just got to be prepared to drop them. Don't be worried if you spend more of your time picking them up. Once you've been juggling for a long time it can be hard to hold on to this fact as the ego can get in the way because of being used to other patterns and not having to chase after balls all the time.

Today I finally listened to some advice from a pro. Throw them high. Also, let them fall and don't grab them too early or you kill the timing and the rhythm. I thought I had been throwing up to a nice height on attempts before today but by giving the balls an extra boost can just be enough to let you mind understand the pattern. Letting them fall and not grabbing them early is easier when there is a little more space between each ball due to the extra height.

I'm starting to think a video camera would come in handy to be able to analyse the throws and figure out what is killing the pattern. The simple answer would be that it's me that's trying to juggle 5 balls but I know it all just comes down the throws. Guess I just need some more practice.


1. Harry Kecek on February 13, 2010

hey luke, Lol Good luck with your juggling im 13 and just starting too get 3 ball juggling. definently takes practise i dont think any amount of equipment i.e Cameras etc are really gonna help GL m8.

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