Love Is Getting Attached

Health & Wellbeing | August 31, 2009

My client's name was Mary, whom I have had the pleasure of taking care of for two years. She was a retired R.N., and when I arrived at her front door, she told another caregiver, "me and this one is going to get along good."

From that day until she died we got along great. We became like sisters, although she was much older than I was. She was seventy-nine, and I was forty-two.

I also had the pleasure of taking care of her three toy poodles, Dolly, Penny, and Ruby. I would feed them and give them their medicine. I would also sit on the floor and play with them.

Penny is the one that would let me know if Mary was up to no good, (even though the dog was deaf). Penny was my alarm system dog. Mary loved to see her girls interact with her dogs.

Mary had round-the-clock care, she hand-picked six of us to work for her. She told every one of us to make her a promise, that we would remain with her until she died. And we did.

Now, Mary and I argued constantly. She would ask if I wanted or needed something and when I told her no, she always asked if that was the only word in the whole dictionary that I knew. This is what usually started the arguments. I asked the other private duty girls if she did that to them, and they all told me yes.

She had one daughter and two sons, and we got along well. Matter of fact, they loved to hear us arguing. Every Saturday, Mary, her daughter and I would go to Crackle Barrel for breakfast. The employees there would hear us arguing and just laugh. They called us the arguing team.

One Saturday at Crackle Barrel, I saw some pillows I liked. Mary asked me if I wanted them, I told her no. When we finished breakfast she told her daughter to go back and buy them. I did not even know about it until we got back to the house. When I went through the things she bought I saw the pillows. She looked at me above her glasses and started laughing.

"See, you don't tell me what to do, if I want to buy you something I can."

It was hard to argue with a four-foot, red-headed person.

Another time her eldest son took us out for Mother's Day. We arrived at the restaurant, the waiter took us to our seats, meanwhile he heard me and Mary arguing. When the waiter asked if everything was OK, Mary said 'Yes just fine'. Her son told me to go and enjoy myself, that he's going to take care of his mother today.

So I went to fix my dinner plate and when I returned back at the table Mary said, "Where's my plate?''

We started arguing I told her that I would fix her plate she said,"I can do it myself." We went back and forth like this for a while. She didn't have any problems calling my husband on me. In addition, he would agree with her.

Mary loved to watch Matlock, The Match game, and Little House on the Prairie. She died in November of 2005, and a part of me went with her. Her three dogs were cremated and they went with her.

She was not just my arguing partner, she was a dear friend. I will always miss and love her. When you take care of someone, it is hard not to get attached to them especially if you care.

One of the greatest gifts that God instilled in us humans is Love.

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