UQ Social Soccer Competition, Suck Marbles vs Horny Gorillas

Sport | September 1, 2009

With the last of the Bridge to Brisbane competitors finally completing their own struggles with blisters and chafing, the UQ Social Soccer competition kicked into the serious competition phase of its program. An arduous grading process had seen Suck Marbles allocated a spot in the bottom half of the competition, scant reward for a series of hard-fought contests against quality opposition in previous weeks. While disappointed with the Pool C ranking imposed, the challenges of games past served as a first-rate preparation for the challengers lurking within the pool.

The first test of wills would be against the Horny Gorillas, the former team of two Marbles squad members. Renowned for their fighting spirit and good-natured attitude, the Gorillas had stamped themselves as an icon of the UQ Social Soccer Competition over several seasons; they were a definite bogy side in the Pool C draw. The Gorillas grading cycle had seen solid hit-outs against the likes of the rampant This Is Not A Drill outfit; their placement in a lower pool had sent shockwaves through the entire competition.

Helping the cause of Suck Marbles in this all important Week 4 clash was the absence of German enforcer Phillip, who was last seen shoulder-charging parked cars on his way to the train station following the previous week’s game. Given an otherwise unchanged line-up, the Marbles took the field in this all-important clash with the following squad:

  • Liz
  • Tamara
  • Madeleine
  • Nathan C
  • Nathan S
  • Tom
  • Darryl
  • Austin
  • Charles
  • Leo
  • …..with Rufus making his first official cheer-leading appearance for the season in support of the ever-present Helena. Only Steve was absent.

    Initial fears that a second successive week of unseasonably warm weather would dent the intensity of the game were dispelled within the first 5 minutes. In what has become somewhat of a standard for the Marbles, the initial exchanges were dominated by unyielding Marble defense leading to searching Marble counter-attack. Tom, Nathan C and Austin were at the forefront of the offensive, ably supported by Madeleine and Nathan S.

    Unlike previous weeks, there was no drop-off in intensity and no loss of structure as the half wore on. In one of the most one-sided halves of football witnessed this season, in terms of run of play, the under-strength Gorillas were unable to getting any traction in attack, while the Marbles heaped on unyielding pressure. Somehow, as the half-time whistle blew, desperate defense from the Gorillas and poor finishing from the Marbles had given a glimmer of hope that social soccer royalty would be able to maintain its place at the top of the tree.

    While satisfied with the endeavour of the first half, Suck Marbles were disappointed with the score-line. Rectification of this situation was the intention, but Gorilla resistance would prove more difficult to counter in the second half. The Marbles attacked with continued vigour as the second half kicked into gear, with Leo relishing a rare stint away from goals. In combination with Nathan S and Darryl, it seemed only a matter of time before the deadlock would be broken.

    Stopped once by a fantastic goal-keeping save, Nathan wasn’t to be denied a second time, his driving shot bamboozling the Gorilla army of defenders and sending the Marble support squad into raptures.

    As was not unexpected, the Gorillas didn’t take kindly to the deficit. Like an old elephant locking tusks with a young bull, the Gorillas weren’t going to take the prospect of defeat lying down (Leslie Neilson would be proud of that one) and suddenly found an extra gear in the search for the elusive first goal. For the first time in the match, they started to ask serious questions of the Marbles defense and found range with shots on goal. In a free-flowing final quarter of the game, both teams intently targeted an addition to their goal tally, but both sets of defense were good enough to deny addition to the scoreboard. As the final whistle blew, the Marbles savoured a memorable and hard-fought victory, kick-starting what is hoped to be a successful assault on the Pool C competition.

    First blood in the competition gives the Marbles momentum heading towards the mid-point of the season, but also all-important bragging rights for some team members over their Gorilla counterparts. In a dominant all-field performance, the highly sought-after Marble of the Match this goes to Nathan S.

    This coming Sunday sees the Marbles enjoy a week off, with hostilities to resume on Sunday September 13th at 4pm vs Bauhaus Rules (Field 2). As ever, all support is gratefully appreciated, so feel free to drop down and honour us with your presence. Until then, be excellent to each other and I shall report in again soon.

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