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Music | April 5, 2009

After years of talking about it and many failed attempts at teaching myself, I have finally committed to learning how to play the guitar. And when I say committed I mean I have finally signed up and payed for guitar lessons. Granted, the gift certificate I got for Christmas is most likely what convinced me to finally sign up, at least I am doing it. I have been taking lessons since early January. I still can't play a whole song, but I am learning a lot about the guitar as an instrument that I wouldn't have learned if I continued to insist that I could teach myself.

Unfortunately, just as I was starting to get into it, I suffered a setback. My clutsyness overcame my desire to practice and, in one of those moments where I'm still not sure what happened, I dropped my guitar. At one minute I was holding it in my hand and the next it was on the floor. It broke. I can't tune three of the strings and I have spent the last few weeks desperately trying to make the hardest purchase of my life, a new guitar.

I have come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to buy something without either one of the following two things, knowledge about what you are trying to buy or a helpful salesperson. In my search for a guitar I had neither. It seems that music store employees are not as interested in customer service as they are in the employee discount, as most of the time I spent in the store they spent playing guitar and ignoring me.

So, not knowing what to look for, i looked at the ones that were pretty. Now don't get me wrong, I was not going to buy a guitar solely on how it looked, but given my lack of knowledge I wasn't sure I had another choice. And the more stores I went into on my own the more hopeless everything felt and the more I wished at least one store would put up a mirror, so at least I could hold a guitar and imagine myself as a rockstar.

But I finally, with the help of my dad who knew more about what to look for, I found one. I'm happy with it and I can once again practice and maybe even learn a whole song.

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