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Losing Momentum... or my decrescendo

Writing | July 23, 2009


Earlier this year I committed myself to doing the things I always talk about doing. I signed up for guitar lessons, started a blog, and decided that while making ends meet and gearing up my bank account for world travel I would gain experience on my own time for the career or at least well developed hobby I would someday like to have. Meanwhile, as an administrative assistant for a communications department I spend my days trying to gain as much communications experience as I can despite the fact that it is a direction I'm not entirely sure I want to be headed in; hence the writing on my own time.

Now it's July, many months later, and a couple of weeks ago I found that I had lost all my momentum, I was barely remembering to put write/blog on my to do list (I make way too many of those). The guitar is another incomplete story. I still attend lessons once a week. I still really enjoy them, but I find myself getting home from work and being too tired or too lazy to practice. Too lazy to write too. I tell myself that I’m too busy, I have a to do list and I’d have to leave the dirty dishes in the sink to afford the time to play the guitar. Some nights the dirty dishes stay in the sink anyways.

So here I am, still unable to say with confidence, that I play the guitar. I'm still learning yes, but I've found that just like I have a lot of introductions and no middle or end, I've also got a few riffs, a chorus and a verse but none of them go together. I still can't play a song from beginning to end. I hope to remedy this soon. To listen when I tell myself that being lazy is not an excuse, in fact some people believe it’s a sin, and to pad my resume with blogs and articles about things I care about instead of promo pieces for an organization I’m not with for the long haul.

Today, I went to the beach after work. I took a notebook and a pen and while most of what I attempted to handwrite (I might need to go back to elementary school and re-learn cursive) was random thoughts and disorganized recollections from my thoughts earlier this week, it brought me to this point: Flickspin blog post number 3.

My next step might even be to write a blog entry about something other than my struggle to write.

Any Comments?

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