Chris and Kate - The Queensland Elections

Politics, Community & Society | March 18, 2009

Hi Katie,

I miss you soooo much. Hope America is making more sense than it does here. How’s Barak?

Do you miss Queensland? You have missed so much. Hope you did your postal vote for the Queensland election or you’ll have to pay a fine. Vote for Anna, mate.

You remember Pauline Hanson? She was innocent, you know, and has really had a dosing from both Labour and Liberal/National parties… imagine making up all that stuff about registration and misappropriation of funds and 2 years in jail and she was then proved innocent! Anyway, she is running for Beaudesert and guess what happened to her? She saw a picture of herself in the paper last week, when she was 17, semi nude. Apparently, the old boyfriend/photographer, is on hard times and sold it! Poor Pauline. Hope she gets in.

You remember Anna… she took over as Premier of Qld when Peter resigned and went walkabout after a very big platinum handshake to the US for a lecture tour or whatever. She’s doing a good job. I like her. Anyway, she decided to call an early election and wow, everyone is coming down on her. It's her first election and she wants to pick her own cabinet. That will rile a few old fellas. She decided to do the Keynesian thing…you know, government spending on infrastructure during a recession. So she is really spending big and we’ll have some pretty toffee hospitals, roads, schools and parks. And people will be employed building them. You know all about that, with US, England, Europe and Asia doing the same thing. Anyway, she is being blamed for her forethought by her opponent, Lawrence Springborg, saying she is bankrupting the state. He says we aren’t in a recession. Helloooo. Does he read international news? Now, you and I know the primary industries in Queensland are tourism, agriculture and mining, not to mention fishing. If you have a recession, people are let off work (see, I’ve done my homework) and they don’t go on holidays. The commodities all over the world have dived which isn’t a ‘tick and flip’ for our mining. Queensland is not in a good way and it’s not her fault. She actually is pretty new age. Has a law degree, been with her partner for 20 years, has two young adult boys and got married 2 years ago. Hey, that shows some spunk.

Anyway, it’s flooding in the North and she is getting blamed for rotting fruit and drowning cows. How’s that. She’s blamed for the weather. You don’t believe me but guess what just happened. Some freighter or tanker (not sure which) came into Brisbane and leaked a lot of oil into Morton Bay. The oil gets caught on the ocean current and well, it came up on the beaches. Two days later and no one could spot anything being done…like bulldozers pushing the gunk away. Lawrence and the Greenies are yelling and screaming about the inaction of Anna. Ha! She said, ok, we could take action right away, but because the oil is still floating in the ocean, we have to wait until they clean up the oil on the ocean or it’s just going to come in again. That shut them up. Hey, and the headlines in the papers were shouting about the wildlife getting slicked up and killed. Seventeen Pelicans were affected and they moved 130 turtle hatchlings to another place. This is not a threat to our wildlife. Now, this ship was also carrying containers of ammonium nitrate. That’s fertilizer, but hey, that type of fertilizer blew up a post office in Oklahoma…so we can see it’s really an explosive used by the mining companies. Thirty containers of this explosive are floating somewhere out there and the Navy can’t find them. And get this Kate, this same ship was given an award by the UN for its environmental record.

Now, the media is saying the beaches are covered with oil causing tourist cancellations along the Sunshine and Gold Coast. A group of lawyers, S & L, are torting their way towards court against the ship to pay for punitive damages. Now, the fishermen get a whiff of “punitive damages” and say, they are hauling in 10% of their usual catch, which is in the middle of a two-week season. Now it doesn’t take rocket science technology, Kate, but this stuff isn’t toxic. Scientists have stated it would not hurt any sea animal life. This is getting really bizarre.

Now this Lawrence may win…that’s the bad side. The polls have both parties about neck-and-neck and the election is coming up this weekend. But Katie, do you remember when we bought some uranium shares? They have been doing really well lately. Anna’s adamant policy of no uranium mining and Lawrence’s policy of supporting the mining of nuclear fuel is better than any poll. Just look at the stock prices of our company. If Anna is suspected of winning (remember, no inside trading here) the price will go down. If Lawrence is leading the polls, up goes our investment. Today is the last day of media coverage for the election and it’s 10:00 am and our stock has just gone up $.22. That’s not bad for a stock selling at $3.52 – a 7.32% increase.

Gotta run. Write to you next week.

Luv, Mum

PS The problem is, I want to vote for Anna, but I don’t want to vote for the Labour candidate in my area. What do they do in the US?

Any Comments?

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