Chris and Kate - Post Elections and Onward

Politics, Community & Society | March 28, 2009

Dear Kate,

You wouldn’t believe the next saga of Pauline Hanson. As I told you before, she is suing the newspaper who published the risqué picture of her lying on her back with garter belt, etc. Anyway, she said she was going to prove that the photo is fake by her belly button. Imagine that, like fingerprints. Does everyone have a unique belly button they can prove identity? Well, she was right the paper apologised and said this, “I’m sorry it wasn’t her". All the cheek - it’s just so in her face.

And what about my super? You know I’m a lot closer to hanging up my hat and I was really hoping for retirement. Since this credit crap, my super has gone down 40%! I haven’t heard from ATL Super, not even a letter, just a statement like a bank, the lazy sods. If I have been putting in money since 1993, that’s almost 14 years! I’ll be 70 just to make up the loss if everything stays the same and doesn’t get worse…which the financial gurus assure us. I have to keep the hair salon. And I renamed it - now hold on, “Happy Fingers”. You like it? Had a new sign with a pair of scissors, and a pretty hand and a nice smiling face. Business has really picked up and there are more men coming in. Some people think it has nasty undertones, if you know what I mean. Minds are in the gutter. What do they do in the US? And our venture of buying a new unit to negative gear! The former Reserve Bank of Australia governor, Bernie Frasier said it should be abolished. It was in the fancy Financial Review on Friday, March 20th. Geez, we really needed that tax break. And, if there’s no more negative gearing, what is everyone going to do? Sell. I think we ought to sell now and not wait around like the super guys do.

I told you so! Remember last letter I told you our uranium stocks went up on the Thursday before the election? That meant Lawrence was going to win. Then on Friday, they went down. The doggie-wash man asked me Friday morning who I thought was going to win. I went on the net and bingo! The stock was headed south. I told him Anna was going to win and he just laughed and said I had to be daff. Easy as pie.

You won’t like this one. Remember I bought some Telstra shares after they didn’t get that broadband deal. They were really low. Then that Solie CEO announces he’s leaving and headed back towards your way and he’s taking his two best management guys with him. The stock went so far south it’s in the Antarctic. And do you know what Kevie said when Solie announced this. “Adios”. I don’t think he likes him very much.

I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having now that you are in the U.S. I miss you heaps but I’m reading everything I can. Getting smarter by the minute. Poor Anna is taking it again. After mandating pro-employment budget with all that infrastructure spending, we went into debt. Duhhh. Qld gets a credit demotion to AA+. Geez, you’d think she got a D on her report card but she still wins…First Lady Premier ever. Then Kevie announced he was going to loan the states billions of dollars (guaranteed) for infrastructure but here’s the clincher. If the rating is not AAA then the interest payments are more! And Kevie helped elect Anna and he’s a Queenslander and they are both Labourites.

As if he didn’t put the country in debt handing out money to dogs! She did what he did and he’s punishing her. Something’s not right in Denmark.

I’ll bet you’re proud being an Aussie in the U.S. now. Fancy all the time Obamie took meeting with Kevie. And Hillary said that Australia and the US are best friends! David Uren and Matthew Franklin wrote the two heads of state were in “furious agreement”. Hope that’s good. It sounds like two kids getting even after being bullied in the schoolyard. Anyway they go on to write that Obamie says they had a “great meeting of the minds.” I wonder if it was a typo and should of said a “a meeting of great minds”? What I don’t understand is Afghanistan. Kevie and Obamie both want to send more troops into a place that looks like the moon. Geez, it’s not like they got oil or gold…except they do their fair share in agriculture growing poppies that make heroine. I read 90% goes back into the US, ready to use and it’s exclusively for druggies, not hospitals with morphine. Now the real mind bender is Afghanistan having a presidential election and the US and Australia are supporting this guy named Shiraz (that’s what I call him because it’s easier to remember and you know how much I like my red). Not exactly godfather material. He’s a semi-literate warlord, and practices nepotism with a Swiss bank account loaded with dirty poppy money with an amount that would probably turn Bill Gates green… And he’s the best? Plus their getting aid from a lot of countries. Aid for what? Need more gloves to pick poppies? Nah, that’s bribe money and everyone knows it.

I’ll end this with poor Aunt Betty. She went into hospital for a skin graft and it’s not healing too well. She is on Valium and Zanax because the doctors want to use maggots! The doctors said that if they were “left to graze on a wound that wasn’t healing well” they can clean it up 5 times quicker than conventional methods.

Love you so much and write!!!

Love Mum,



1. bay on March 30, 2009

I love your style, the letters to your daughter are such a unique format for writing blog posts! It's almost like I'm there hearing it from you in person. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

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