Chris and Kate - Ping Pong, Bennie and Fires

Politics, Community & Society | April 11, 2009

Hi Kate, April 10, 2009

Received your e-mail yesterday and what a hoot about those ‘Shame Tours’!!! Imagine people paying for a bus ride to go around and look at the mansions of overpaid CEOs, whose companies are bankrupt! Just like when we went to Beverly Hills and saw where all the movie stars lived. You said everyone there is really angry. What else is happening?

Can’t wait until you come home. Have I got a lot to tell you. First, you must of heard about this nutcase in Northern Korea – Ping Pong (you know I can’t remember Asian names). The journalist, Peter Alford, wrote a really good article in The Weekend Australian about Ping and I don’t understand one thing. You know I am against nuclear bombs…but what right does the rest of the world have to tell another country they can’t have nuclear weapons? I mean, Japan and South Korea, Ping’s neighbours, once gave ICBM serious thought, tossed it in the too-hard basket and launched money-making satellites instead. US, Russian, Britain, France, China, India, Israel and Pakistan not only have nuclear weapons but can launch them a lot further than Ping can hit a ball with his paddle. Right or wrong, isn’t Ping entitled to play catch-up? He hasn’t signed any agreements that I know of.

I just learned a rocket launches a satellite. A missile launches a warhead. Ping says he’s launching a rocket. Everyone else says it’s a missile capable of hitting Alaska (I don’t think he likes Sarah very much). He’d be pretty stupid to practice darts when he is surrounded by nuclear-armed countries with plenty of balloons. And everyone knows what he is doing and he’s trying to hide it. Ha! The counter-intelligence (does that mean against intelligence?) capabilities of the big “N” countries can see a coin on the ground from space. Why is Ping so stupid/crazy? I think he needs money and is extorting the world. They’ll just give him money to ease the threat – but what about next time – and Iran? The world is going down the gurgler

Now this is really stupid. Kate, remember right after the new Pope Benedict (I’m sure his friends call him Bennie) took office, after all the smoke bombs and cheering? He said that if a Catholic visited the “holy place” (I don’t know which one) that they could leapfrog purgatory and go straight to heaven. I think it was for a limited time only. Anyway, Bennie goes to Africa and says condoms are aggravating AIDS! Yeppers. And that abstinence is the answer to the problem. Right, tell the oldest civilizations in the world whose culture, status and success is based on the amount of babies they can have, to say “Nope, no funny business tonight, no can do. He doesn’t mention the epidemic of rape.

You must have heard about the bush fires in Victoria…worst in history. One hundred seventy three dead, towns wiped out and thousands homeless. One of the factors which caused the devastation was all the fuel on the ground (leaves and stuff). There wasn’t much back burning going on and if they had back burned, the fires wouldn’t have been so bad (you think the Greenies had something to do with that?). Just seven weeks after the fire, The Victorian Fire fighters have banned back burning until they get a pay rise. The cheek! Geez, that sucks. Extortion again.

Happy Fingers is really doing well. I’m over-booked (mostly men and Ken the barber isn’t doing any business) and had to hire another hair dresser. Lucy’s florist shop next door has gone broke but not before she bought a lot of artificial flowers. She’s working from home now, renting fake flowers for weddings, funerals, conventions, etc. and making a killing. She doesn’t have any overheads and her stock comes back to her. What a bonus. Anyway, I am thinking of leasing her place and expanding. What do you think?

Better run and please, please email me at my new address:

Love you soooooooo much.




1. Betty Eastman on April 11, 2009

It was funny, strong and asked some good questions. Love the associative thoughts. But I don't understand why when I pushed "Add Comment" it went under Chris and Kate instead of "Ping Pong, Bennie and Fires".

Good stuff, keep it up.

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