Chris and Kate - Pugglers, Water, Ice and France

Politics, Community & Society | April 18, 2009

April 18, 2009

Hi Kate,

I am totally booked out at “Happy Fingers” and the renovations are killing me.

Got your e-mail. You have to be kidding…people in the US are mailing teabags to their Congressmen to protest the indecisive government? Sounds a bit fishy to me - like the Boston Tea Party.

We have our problems with “people smugglers” (I call them pugglers) in Indonesia selling foreigners a boat ride to Australia. It’s really big news here. Forty-nine men from the mid east left Indonesia headed for Christmas Island, the migrant, in-take centre for Australia. For some reason a fire started on the boat and the Australian Navy rescued them and many are being treated with burn wounds in Western Australia. These people paid almost $10,000 each to the pugglers for a guaranteed arrival to Australia (why Muslims would want to go to a place called Christmas Island is beyond me). That’s almost $500,000! Remember the last fiasco when the boat started sinking and Johnie said they were throwing their children into the water? Anyway, Indonesia is the holding area for these paying “clients” before they start their last leg of the journey. Indonesia’s laws against puggling are pretty lax and there’s a lot of corruption going on. Look at the pugglers market niche…there must be a couple of million people who can and want to leave their homeland and head to Ozzie land! For a paltry 1,000 people, pugglers make $10 million. Kevie is upset and ranting and raving about pugglers saying they are the vilest people in the world and should rot in jail or in hell! But because we have so many business interests in Indonesia (let’s face it, they aren’t growing beetroot) we really can’t do too much; sanctions are out of the question.

Kate, I have a question for you; nobody else can answer me. You know the Eyre floodplains in Western Queensland? Well, for the first time in 20 years they not only have water but it is now back to floodplain status. Tens of thousands of pelicans, ibises, etc, have come from all over and are nesting there, 1500 kilometres from the ocean. It looks like a huge lake in the middle of a desert. With all that nesting going on, what are they going to eat? It just flooded a while back. Fish don’t grow that fast.

You know all the Greenies have been yelling about the melting ice in Antarctica and the warning the world of rising sea levels. Well, according to The Australian, Dr Allison of the Australian Antarctica Division said the ice is growing. Some is melting in the west while in the east it is growing so it evens out. But lots of the ice is called sea ice, fast ice or pack ice. When and if it melts, sea levels can’t change. When the ice melts in your glass of water, it doesn’t start to overflow! Duh. And the Antarctica has 90% of the earth’s ice and 80% of it’s fresh water. Somebody’s made a few quid starting those rumours, believe you me!

Kate, I want to close out joint checking account at Commonwealth Bank. You won’t believe what Ralph Norris, the CEO did. He puts out a PR release stating they are the first major company in Australia to “take a knife to executive pay packets.” Ha! Poor bugga. Instead of taking home $8.66 million a year, he’s used the ‘knife” to slash his annual income to $8.35 million. Sure hope he doesn’t have to put his kids in a state school!!! I’m seriously looking at my used teabag and wondering what to do with it.

Sarkozy really let it rip this week. This is why the French have a bad reputation as arrogant people. He said that Obamie is weak, inexperienced and indecisive, the German Chancellor is clinging on to France’s coat-tails and the head of the European Commission is irrelevant. I don’t think he and his pretty wife are getting along very well.

Lucy is still making a killing renting her artificial flowers. Only problem she doesn’t get cash anymore and has to pay more tax and can’t take anything off for “dying stock” like she could with real flowers. Aunt Betty says hello and is fine now, the maggots worked a trick.

Miss you heaps,

Love, Mom



1. Betty Eastman on April 19, 2009

Loved it. Comedy, especially in the news, is so good during these difficult times. I likes the used tea bag remark. Keep the stories coming.

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