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I must have done a million of these things and I still have no idea where to begin...

About me: I am female. Caucasian. Brown hair and grey eyes. Nineteen years old with credentials in journalism and the arts. Australian. I'm currently studying education and I write novels in my spare time.

I've spent most of my life studying creative writing and language. Well, to be frank - I've spent most of my life just plain studying- it's all I seem to be good at. But I study creative writing specifically because it fascinates me. To make people feel things and hope for things beyond themselves - to engage their imaginations through words on a page is - to me - an amazing skill.

I prefer writing crime because it's more fun and easier to come up with plausible characters without busting your arse to come up with a creditable plot. Every plot you could think of has been done - what sets books apart is the characters in them. Crime provides a basic schematic (crime happens, crime is solved, etc) for the book - so I don't have to worry about it. I can focus on the characters, which is what I prefer. The crime is generally peripheral to the main action in my novels.

If ya'll want more random tidbits, you can check out my Twitter (yes, I have a Twitter. I caved.):

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