Wineries > Quail's Gate Vineyard Serves up a Storm in British Columbia's Okanagan Region

Quail's Gate Vineyard Serves up a Storm in British Columbia's Okanagan Region

Published: September 10, 2008

Quail's Gate Winery has an expansive view from their perch in Kelowna overlooking the the spectacular Okanagan Valley. Sipping a selection of their wines and taking in this view is reason alone to stop buy and sample some of their delectable vintages. However, the view will not be the only breathtaking experience during a visit to the winery.

Upon entering the tasting room towers of bottles surround you and the vines roll away towards the water in front of you. Walk up to the bar for a sample and you are greeted with a friendly smile and offered a selection of complimentary tastings. The staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, offering advice when it's wanted and holding back when it's not. For a small fee you can try a selection of their more expenive wines or dessert wines.

On top of this, it won't break the bank to walk away with an assortment of amazing Okanagan Valley wines. They range in price from $15 up, and even the lowest in the range is of outstanding quality.

Quail's gate has also made the leap from wine producers to agri-tourism entreprenuers. Their on-site Old Vines Restaurant is open for brunch, lunch and dinner, with an amazing menu that is not only decadently gourmet, but also reasonably priced. For lunch you could start with Pacific Halalibut Tempura ($12) followed by Chicken and Gorts Goudada Panini ($17). Sounds tempting. Of course their wine list offers the very best of their own selection, with a glass of their rose for just $7. Wine is also available in sample sizes through the restaurant for $3-7 per sample.

Quail's Gate's first vines were planted in 1961 with the business coming into it's own as a fully-fledged winery in the 1990s. It has claimed many accolades for it's wines both locally and abroad.

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