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In Vino Veritas

Published: April 15, 2011

In wine, truth.

The truth is I just went back and took a look at my first post here. Turns out it was about...drinking. This is post 95 and well, there have been a number of drinking related posts in the interim. Some people might consider this a problem. But the truth is, it isn't.

The wine I'm drinking at the moment is off the charts. It is the best wine this particular producer has ever made. And yet it is the middle of his price range.

I don't worry over price, but it is nice when this event happens. When the owner offers a property at a rate that is below market. The offering I have is the 2006 model. I have a couple 2007's around. I plan to buy all the 2008's that I can.

I drink a lot of good wine, some ok wine. Now and then, some great wine. This is one of my now and then moments. I'm at the same time mellow and yet...focused.

There as never a doubt on this one. I popped the cork, took a sniff and was stunned. Big, bold, beautiful...

I know, I know. The wine and sex analogy has been done to death. But there is an aspect to it that hasn't been totally plowed under. The idea that at the first sensation, sound, smell, just know. You just know that this...this...presence in front of you was created just for you. Other may enjoy it. But you resonate to it. There is no other you out there that gets it in the way you do.

That is what this wine is. I saw the harvest. Watched the workers in the winery sort through the fruit, tossing out the stems and dodgy fruit. I sipped other lesser wine in the tasting room while this was aging.

I'm not telling you the name of the wine or the winery. While I often sip and tell, I'm not doing it this time. Not to be rude or piggish. The truth is, you can't buy this wine on the market. It was small production, wine club only kind of deal.

The wine, the truth. They go hand in hand. The truth is, I've had a lot of wine. Many of them quite forgettable.

As to women, by comparison, very few. And not a one was forgettable.

I think that was the truth I most wanted to share with you.

Any Comments?


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