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Floppy Image Software

Published: March 11, 2009

Virtualization software, such as VirtualBox, allow you to mount floppy diskettes images ( .imz and .img files). In order to create an image from an actual floppy diskette, or to "burn" or "load" a floppy diskette onto a diskette, you'll need special software. The nuisance in doing so is finding a freeware piece of software that will do the job.

A quick Google search will give us the software called Free Image; the last freeware version of Free Image is version 1.5.2. The newer versions $15 after the trial time expires.

After you have downloaded the software, unzip it and you should get 3 files: License.txt, Readme.txt, and the .exe file itself, Floppy Image.exe. You don't need to install it; just start up the program and it should look something like in the image.

Now you have two options. The first option is making an image out of the floppy diskette. Click on Browse, and select the location where you what to save you file to, and select which file extention you want to save as, .imz and .img. Click start to start the imaging process. The second option allows you to burn a floppy image to your floppy; browse for the image file and click start.

This program is really good for making image files of old software. Older games such as Doom, Wolf 3d, Duke Nukem I & II come on diskette. You can always load floppy images of the games in a virtual machine using some form of DOS, like FreeDos.

Note: The diskette images are not write-protected. That means that if you move some files from the floppy to the C: drive or format the image, then those changes are permanent.

You can now go practice with some real game floppy images.

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