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Shareware: DOOM and DUKE

Published: March 27, 2009

Everybody loves DOOM. Everybody hails the King, Duke Nukem. iD Software's Doom and 3D Realms' Duke Nukem are some of the most classic action games. They are the cornerstone of modern video games.

Shareware versions of the games were a big hit back in the day. They were basically a very large demo of the game; there was practically no need to buy the whole game since the demo itself was huge. According to commentaries on the DVD for the Doom movie, there were a lot more shareware diskettes of the Doom game than there were full version diskettes.

Many people go back to the old classics for nostalgic effect, especially when one wants to fool around with an old computer.

3D Realms provides some of their older games for download as freeware or shareware. 3D Realms, id Software and other companies still sell old popular games such as Wolf 3D and Duke Nukem 2.


If you want the floppy images (.imz or .img files) of Doom and Duke Nukem 2, download them from here. Otherwise, you'd be better getting the installation files from their respective companies (if they are still offerred).

The installation is in French but the game is in English. You may want to use a Floppy Image program to "burn" your floppy to the diskette.

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