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Gamer Army: Is it Really Needed?

Published: March 10, 2009

The guys over at Pure Pwnage started off the mockumentary internet show in 2004. The concept is simple: one brother, Jeremy, is a pro gamer and the other, Kyle, is a film school student; for a school project, Kyle decides to follow Jeremy's pro gamer life.

The show introduced the famous characters FPS_Doug and T-Bag (RIP) as well as the Headshot shirt. The newest trend that the show is trying to popularize is the Gamer Army (GA in short).

People don't necessarily join for the benefits of the GA, since those are few. Dogtags, a GA email, and the "epeen" that comes with it give the GA soldier a sense of authority.

Many games contain grotesque violence, therefore it undoubtedly brings alot of real life violence associations. Do gamers really need another symbol that will make them be perceived as aggressive beings?

The show itself, Pure Pwnage, is doing a noble thing by breaking stereotypes and bad habits by making their audience look in the mirror. Making a Gamer Army for the sake of it may seem fun to some in principle, but what's the point? Is the army going to come aknockin' and smash down our bad views of them? Is it going to fight fire with fire?

Any Comments?


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