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Stop! You must visit pretty Prague!

Published: May 3, 2009

Do you believe in magic? The neverending story? Well they tell me it is all there in the wonderful old City of Prague with sights to dazzle your senses. It is renowned as the most exciting city in Central Europe with breathtaking sightseeing, opera, restaurants and nightlife.

Peer across the roof tops from your attic and wonder how you could be so lucky to be living within a short 15 minute walk from the majestic Prague Castle, right in the thick of Prague's Lesser Town. You will never tire of the rooftops of Mala Strana as they bear witness to the changing seasons. Even as early as March you can be surprised by warm and sunny days. Those very same rooftops now gleaming terracotta red in the daylight, which a few short weeks ago had more than a dusting of snow, leaving only a peek of their tiles to be spotted.

And what lies beyond? Just down a laneway only wide enough for a mini-bus to let tourists off at their hotel, you pass a lovely modest sized renovated church. Here you close your eyes and listen to a 20 piece saxaphone ensemble play during the Fringe Festival. Watch your footing on the cobblestones as you meander down another block to be confronted by the Vltava River. And enjoy a pleasant walk through Kampa Park, rest your feet, read a novel or simply watch the others out feeling invigorated by the open spaces.

Then you can continue on over more cobblestones and come across Karluv Most (Charles Bridge) which, you can well believe, rarely and maybe only in the wee small hours of the morning, can be viewed without having to avoid a crush of other tourists, or feel obligated to stop and explore the many artist's displays, or listen to merry musicians dotted along the bridge.

Now decision time! Do you feel lucky? Do you head right over the bridge to explore Old Town Square or veer left through Malostranske Namisti which will take you past the Church of St. Nicholas and up to the Castle? The decision is yours dear tourist, because with a history such as what the Czech Republic boasts, there will always be an Old Town Square, a Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Left or right?

A must see is the Mostecka (mall) which every afternoon is packed with tourists. The beauty of staying in a Hotel or apartment in Prague1 or Prague2 on either side of the river is thay you can then easily walk to all the sights and attractions. And not far away, a short train trip is the vivacity of Vienna; what more could you ask for?

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