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How to Travel Europe

Published: September 11, 2008

Traveling Europe is a favourite pastime for young backpackers the world over. The glorious sites stretch from one end of the continent to the other, varying in flavour and style the entire journey. However, one of the biggest decisions for any trip like this is - what is the best way to get around? Do I bus it, train it, fly it, drive it or walk it? Okay, so no-one is really walking Europe (are they?), but the point remains.

Option 1: Driving and CampingRealistically, the only way to camp throughout Europe is to drive a car. The sites generally are not easily accessible by public transport and who wants to lug a tent and sleeping bag over the alps and back? So, buy some camping gear and get a car. Of course buying a car is definitely an option, but insurance can be a killer, and who knows if the car is reliable. Another option is to lease a car. Peugeot is one company that offers reasonably-priced long-term car leasing options.

Option 2: Bus AboutBus About offers a hop-on hop-off bus service all over Europe. Travelers can start from any city in their loop and stay at each stop as long as desired. There are three loops offered (a pass is purchased that covers every stop of the loop), or a flexi-pass that combines all three routes with a specified number of stops allowed between all three.

Option 3: FlyingThere are many budget airlines, such as Ryan Air, that travel all over Europe, and it is a feasible option to use these as a fairly major part of any trip, however, intermediate travel options will definitely be required (no-one needs to fly from Milan to the Mediterranean Coast of Italy).

Option 4: TrainRail Europe has a selection of rail passes for all itineraries as well as individual trips for purchase. There are flexi-passes that can take travelers all over Europe, as well as unlimited travel passes within one country for a period of one month. TIckets prices vary depending on country.

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