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Bigfoot Hostel, Leon -
Don't Expect Service With a Smile

Published: October 26, 2009

The Bigfoot Hostel's website states "We hope to create an atmosphere full of positive vibes that one and all are welcome to enjoy".

While this may be the Bigfoot Hostel's ideology, it is definitely not their reality.

Mantras such as "Impossible does not exist" painted in calligraphy on the inside of the toilet walls do not seem to carry through to the staff's attitude when it comes to helping guests.

Upon checking in, this writer was shown her room, given the key, and that's about it, all after already handing over the money for a night's accommodation.

The bathrooms were not pointed out, and none of the hostel's services were explained (what services there actually were).

Their website and signs on the hostel's front door claim that volcano boarding is offered every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. However, when signing up and paying a deposit, the vital information that there is a minimum number of participants required is not divulged.

Three unlucky visitors to the city (including the writer) were informed half an hour before the volcano boarding tour's departure that their trip was cancelled, without so much as a, 'sorry for the inconvenience'.

Since this left nothing to do for the day, as Leon does not offer many sights or activities other than just wandering the streets and checking things out, which I had done the day before, this writer decided to check out of the hostel.

It was only 9am, and the coming night's accommodation had been paid for only 30 minutes before.

Plus, the volcano boarding tour had been cancelled without warning, and it was still 2 hours before checkout.

However, while the money was eventually handed over, it was with a grimace and silence, and only relinquished after checking with another staff member that the change in this writer's decision was legitimate enough for them to hand over the dosh.

Apart from a general lack in helpfulness and friendliness, the hostel is also not incredibly inviting.

All areas within the hostel are dark and gloomy, with a palapa roof over one courtyard blocking any chance at a breeze.

The rooms, while colourfully painted, are sparse and dark, with only one small window to let in light or air.

Normally, the hostel has a cafe out the front, but at the time of writing it was closed, which also contributes to the lack of atmosphere, as one can imagine that chilling out with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other would be a lovely way to while away a few hours.

Maybe this writer just had bad luck, and many others may disagree with the assessment of this article. But, having also spent a night at the Lazybones Hostel in Leon, where staff are friendly, the accommodations light and airy, and services such as free wifi, internet, 10 minute telephone calls home each day, and coffee and tea all day are included in the price, it's hard to look past the huge gaping hole in the services and attitude at The Bigfoot Hostel.

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