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NBA Finals

Published: May 22, 2011

it is halftime of the NBA finals.

It is advertised at the East finals. But it the the finals. When this is over, whover wins will go into the post finals. There the East winner will mop up some pathetic excuse for a team from the rest of the US. Right now there are teams from Texas and Oklahoma playing for the chance to get annihilated in the post finals. It doesn't matter which team get through. They are a speed-bump.

The two best teams on the planet are in Miami at this moment. There is no doubt about that to anyone who has ever played the game.

Basketball has suffered from a few decades of boredom at the professional level. World B. Free firing up 30 footers every time he touched the ball. Years and years of run and gun drove the me and my kind to the college game. There the game itself still existed. There you could see people playing the game the way God and James Naismith intended.

How this suddenly migrated to the NBA is something af mystery. But there it is. Basketball, to the purist, is a game of defense. The game was never intended to be a free for all ala Pete Maravich and Loyola Marymount. Yes those folks drew attention to themselves and lit up the scoreboard. But were they really playing the game?

There is no question about that tonight. Every loose balls draws 2 or 3 multimillionaires to the floor. Every shot, every drive, every rebound is contested. The best players in America are double clutching, hearing footsteps, missing dunks because they know...

I should probably mention at this point that I hate Miami. Hate them on account of thier college football team. Hate them on account of their humidity. Hate them on account of their stupidity in so many level. Hate, hate, hate them.

But more than that, I hate that they are going to win the NBA finals this year.

In my heart of hearts, I believe Chicago is the best "team" on earth right now. But in the end, this looks like destiny.

So Miami, I salute you...

Any Comments?


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