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TinyMCE: Disabling Path/Status Bar

Published: August 26, 2008

It appears that the path bar in a TinyMCE instance can't be removed but we can stop it from displaying the path by adding the following to the init function:

theme_advanced_path : falseIf you are looking to disable the textarea resize option - there doesn't appear to be a switch to be able to do so. There is however a switch to limit its movement to vertical only:
theme_advanced_resize_horizontal : 0...which is just as good.


1. Jalomy on February 1, 2009

If you pull out the theme_advanced_statusbar_location var out of the tinyMCE.init call as well as all other references to the status bar, it removes the status bar all together.


2. Josh Stodola on February 12, 2009

You can disable resizing by removing the toolbar completely (like Jalomy said), or you can leave the toolbar and do it like so...

theme_advanced_resizing : false

Best regards...

3. csulok0000 on August 24, 2010

theme_advanced_statusbar : false, //(:

4. Dev on July 10, 2012

To hide the status bar:

theme_advanced_statusbar_location : 0

5. bb on July 12, 2012

To completely remove the statusbar:

theme_advanced_statusbar_location : "none"

6. HBTB on July 14, 2012

theme_advanced_statusbar_location: "none"

Any Comments?

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