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Sukiyaki hits Broadway at Posh Restaurant in Vancouver

Published: February 2, 2009

Posh, at the corner of Burrard and Broadway in Vancouver, is one of North America's only exclusively Sukiyaki hotpot restaurants.

With this claim, it is difficult to find a basis for comparison. However, that may not be necessary, as Posh seems to be doing everything right.

The idea behind Sukiyaki is that each table receives a burner and shallow pot. A tasty broth is the starter of the hotpot and a selection of vegetables and thinly-sliced meats are added throughout the meal. The meats and vegetables impart their own flavour to the broth, and more liquid can be added along the way as it boils down.

Posh offers an amazing variety of vegetables, from yam and taro through to black fungus and deep-fried tofu. Guests can either pick and choose their favourites, or ask for a selection to be created for them. This is often the best way to go, and the chefs will include items you may not have thought of as appropriate for a hotpot.

The restaurant is an all-you-can-eat affair, so no-one will ever leave hungry. And, with such a vast selection of delicacies to choose from, will not become bored with the hotpot meal.

The drinks list includes a variety of Japanese beers and sakes, as well as cocktails. That there is not one wine listed is a disappointment for those that drink none of the above. Of course, wine is not a traditional Japanese drink, but I'm sure many would agree that a cool glass of white would go excellently with Sukiyaki.

At $15.88 for an all-you-can-eat dinner, Posh Restaurant is also fabulous value. Granted, it is not fine-dining, but a meal at Denny's could set you back the same amount!

Posh has three locations, Broadway, Richmond and Kingsway.


1. Jenny on October 3, 2009

They asked us to leave in the middle of our meal.

The ambience was really nice, and the food was alright as well. The customer service however, leaves a lot ot be desired. Half way in our meal the waitress came over and told us that there was a reservation in five minutes and we had to leave. Whereas I understand that reservations are important, being given a 5 minute warning was pretty upseting to us.

To make matters worse, as we were on our way out, the manager came over and asked us why we didn't tip. I have always been under the impression that tipping was voluntary, and a sort of "thank you" for good service - and not something to be confronted about if you don't.

I've never had such treatment at before.

Any Comments?


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