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Las Margaritas Spices up 4th Avenue, Kitsilano

Published: August 26, 2008

Las Margaritas Mexican Cantina is an institution on Kitsilano's 4th Avenue. While some may turn up their noses at the mention of Las Margaritas the restaurant is packed almost every night of the week which is proof they must be doing something right.

The food is inspired by the cooking of Northern Mexico, Baja California and Southern California. Burritos, enchiladas and tacos are a staple on the menu, but they do offer other less well-known dishes to tempt the taste buds. Options such as Chiles Rellenos (Chilies stuffed with three cheeses, dipped in egg batter and deep fried) and Pollo Loco (half a chicken marinated for 24 hours in a Yucatan Achiote sauce) provide a delicious change to run-of-the-mill Mexican fare.

The salsa and tortilla chips are made on site, and are both delicious. A complementary bowl of each is provided at the start of a meal, giving diners something to munch on as they ponder over the menu. The salsa is deliciously light and flavoured with a good deal of cilantro. The chips come out hot and tasty from a warming oven, the perfect complement to the salsa.

With almost everything on the menu under $15 and a well-priced drinks list a couple would be hard pushed to leave with a bill more than $60. On top of that the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly.

One warning - there is usually a wait for seating (especially on weekends) at this popular Vancouver site. However, most guests are content to take in the atmosphere at the restaurant's bar with a bottle of Pacifico or one of the restaurants many Margaritas to sip.

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