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Burgoo on Main Street -
Serving up Homestyle Comfort

Published: January 11, 2009

From the outside Burgoo Bistro looks inviting. The stand-alone building on the corner of Main Street and 15th in Vancouver has an inviting blue sign, and sturdy stone walls. On the inside the feeling is even stronger with plenty of wood and revealed beams. This essence of coming home that Burgoo Bistro has worked to create is not only reflected in the decor but in the food.

With items such as cheese fondue, ratatoullie Provencale and warming butternut squash soup on the menu, you could beforgiven for thinking you are back home, sitting around the kitchen table. However, trying to serve up comfort food that bring back childhood memories or feelings security can be a dangerous. For exapmle, if your French grandmother makes beef Bourguignon every time you visit, you risk being disappointed given the strong attachment with such a traditional French dish.

Burgoo's wine list is well thought out, with many local British Columbian wines, as well as some from French, Australian and American bottles on the list. Most items are reasonably priced which is also a pleasant surprise.

One thing that is a little less than reasonably priced at Burgoo are the salad and soup or sandwich and soup combos. Some may baulk at the price tag of $12 and $14 respectively, even if the straight up tomato soup tantalizes the taste buds.

Burgoo is a good place for a moderately priced, simple meal. If you feel like a casual Friday night out, this may be the place to go. However, Burgoo Bistro do not take reservations on Fridays and Saturdays, so there could be quite a wait for a table, especially if the party is larger than four people.

Burgoo Bistro has three locations; West 10th, Lonsdale and Main Street. See their website for further details.

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