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Seafield Apartments Suffer Massive Rent Increase

Published: January 20, 2009

This article first appeared on the seafield apartments website. If you can believe it, Gordon Nelson Investments, a property management company who owns the Seafield Apartments in Vancouver, are now trying to evict old people and pregnant ladies through what the Seafield Tenants are calling "rent-o-victions". That is -- applying to the Residential Tenancy Office for an above normal rent increase (in this case, 73%) and forcing the tenants out because they can't pay.

These guys need serious help.

Gordon Nelson attempt colossal rent hikeLast Wednesday evening, January 14,residents of the West End’s Seafield Apartments at 1436 Pendrell Street received thick envelopes from their new landlords Jason Gordon and Chris Nelson of Gordon Nelson Investments (GNI) detailing the landlords’ application to the B.C. Residential Tenancy Branch for rent increases of up to 73%. The Seafield residents, a tight-knit group of neighbours who have been working together for months to save their community and their building from renoviction now face a new battle–“rent-o-viction”–- with their greedy landlords.

The tenants facing one of the largest rent increase of 72% are brother and sister Roland and Mary McFall, who are 83 and 92 years of age respectively, have lived in the building for 47 years, and are on a fixed income.

Since GNI took possession of the Seafield on August 1, 2008 and handed an eviction notice to Kevin and Trina, the building’s former live-in caretakers (subsequently rescinded as their duties were completely unconnected to their tenancy), maintenance standards have declined precipitously. Residents, who take pride in the meticulous maintenance of the building, have frequently been forced to assume the cleaning of common areas, clearing of clogged downspouts, snow shovelling, groundskeeping, and garbage removal.

On December 30, 2008 the Seafield’s laundry machines were removed without notice and only recently replaced – with half the number of machines at nearly double the price (from $1.50 per load per machine to $2.75 per load per machine). Despite this neglect of the building, GNI has still applied for astronomical average rent increases of 63%.

The current residents have paid the maximum allowable rent increase every year of their tenancies. There is clearly no justification for this additional rent increase aside from the greed of the new landlords hoping to take advantage of their tenants.

Seafield residents plan to challenge Gordon Nelson Investments’ cash grab and are calling on other tenants in the West End to log on to their website at http://seafieldapartments.com and post their rents, as they need this information to prove that their rents are in line with what many long time West End renters are paying.

How to help:Post a comment with your rent below, or email us.

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