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Diversity, again?

Published: March 8, 2011

The story appeared briefly on Yahoo this morning and was quickly picked up by the global press. Congress issued a report saying that 77% of the senior US miltary officers are white male. No where in the report did it mention that Congress has roughly the same per centage of males. Or that the median age of congressmen is roughly the same as senior military officers.

We get this kind of help from our Congress all the time. In the contracting field they pass laws that encourage businesses to subcontract to diversity suppliers. Then the GAO issues a report blasting the DOD for awarding contracts that have multiple layers of subcontractors that don't add any value (but meet the diversity goals.)

The argument against the Military in the diversity game is that there are not enough women in combat. Quick poll, how many women out there want a job that involves getting shot at?

We had the same issue in the 80's with the construction workers in the Navy. The diversity cops were out trying to up the numbers of women in the SeaBee's by imposing a quota. The requirement would be "accept 100 women into the SeaBees". Our head detailer came back and said he was even more on board than that. He would accept every women that applied. We had 3 applications that year.

Having been through both the military and civilian workforce over the past four decades, I can assure that the main difference is that the military promotes on merit. Industry, oddly enough, promotes on height and looks. The net result is that business leaders have this tendency to be tall, good looking and ignorant. I had one corporate President at my former company who could not speak more than 5 minutes without saying something that revealed an 80 IQ was in charge of moving those lips.

On the military side, you have a serious problem that you have to address. Inefficiencyresults in death. So you have to promote the most efficient people you have. And it turns out that efficiency correlates with IQ. Now I admit, I've heard senior military officers say things that were not Politically Correct and end their careers. But they were saying things that were both technically correct and honest at the time. Meanwhile corporate types can knock down 7 or 8 figures a year spewing brain dead manure every five minutes.

And there is in fact the real problem in both the examples. Construction is back breaking work. Women have much better options in this country. Construction is typically a low skill male immigrant job. You work it until you can get something better. Likewise there is a similar problem on the diversity officers issue.

I had one diversity officer who worked with me in California a few decades ago. I'd say he was among the top three officers I've ever met. Sharp, hard working and articulate. Guy would have made a great flag officer. But he never hung around that long. There were too many other good jobs for a skilled human of any race. He went off and took one that didn't involve getting shot at.

The diversity troopers love to beat this drum, that there is a conspiracy out there denying opportunity to people. When the reality is that the people that could take the jobs are choosing better paying less risky jobs. Its a little thing we call freedom of choice.

All that is left is for the diversity troopers to choose to stop beating on that dead horse. It's unseemly.

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