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Qld to Apologise to State Wards in Adult Mental Health

Published: January 22, 2010

During the last week in February, 2010, the State of Queensland will issue an apology to former children in state care who were placed in adult mental institutions.

During the last century, children under care and control or care and protection orders were regularly placed in adult mental facilities, some after suffering reactions to drugs they were given in children’s homes or trauma from abuse in the homes. The government will acknowledge that for some children, this led to an incorrect diagnosis of mental illness, which has had a significant impact on their lives.

The government will acknowledge that children were inappropriately placed and witnessed and suffered maltreatment and neglect in Queensland mental health facilities.

In1999, in response to the Forde Commission of Inquiry into the Abuse of Children. in Queensland Institutions, the state government apologized to those who were harmed in church or state run children’s institutions in Queensland. This apology did not extend to children who suffered abuse or neglect in adult mental health facilities.

Dialogue was entered into with survivors of abuse in children’s institutions through the Historical Abuse Network, and the state established and funded the Forde Foundation Trust Fund.

This apology will open the way for those placed in adult psychiatric hospitals to access services for which they previously may not have qualified and to be involved in a consultation process for formal reconciliation. It is, for many, an important part of the healing process.

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