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Adobe CS3 Bridge Importing Images

Published: August 25, 2008

Adobe bridge is an incredibly handy product that allows users to import, organise, view and create slideshows for photos. Double clicking any image from within Bridge will also open it in Photoshop which makes choosing images for editing a whole lot simpler. New users to Bridge may be a little confused about how it works with regard to new photos being imported direct from a camera or portable media device versus sourcing images direct from the computers hard drive.

You can set Adobe Bridge to open as soon as a camera or media device is connected and go straight from there, it's relatively simple and pain free, and lots of information can be found on how to do this on the web.

However, sourcing images already stored on a computer is a different story altogether. Rather than importing them into the program, Bridge simply points to the already existing folder structures on the computer - very handy. But, if you have discovered you really love the renaming conventions that are accessible within the camera photo import a wee bit of a problem arises.

To solve this issue a batch rename must be performed for all the images on a computer. This is as simple as selecting all the images for renaming, right-clicking and selecting Batch Rename from the menu. A very similar dialogue box to the import from camera dialogue appears. This process needs to be performed for each different filename desired e.g. 20080825 Camping_0001.jpg may be the file name for a recent camping trip, and 20080101 New Years_0001.jpg for New Years pictures. Basically, if a distinction through meaningful naming is required images must be batch renamed in the sets the names should be associated with.

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