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They Started Something

Published: April 13, 2009

On Saturday, April 11, 2009 UK band The Ting Tings preformed for a very receptive crowd at the Commodore Ballroom. They played their smash singles Shut Up and Let Me Go and That’s Not My Name along with the rest of the songs on their debut album, We Started Nothing.

The Ting Tings have certainly started something, whether that is just a really great band or more. With few slow songs on their record, the duo kept the crowd pumped and delivered a fantastic show complete with the crowd singing along, dancing, and even a little moshing.

Consisting of the musical talents of Jules De Martino on drums, guitar, vocals, and piano and Katie White on vocals, guitar, and bass drum, the Ting Tings have been together since 2007. Since the release of their album in 2008 it has quickly become apparent that they are a dynamic pop-rock act with a slew of hit songs that are often featured on popular television series such as Gossip Girl.

For those who have not yet been caught in the spell of The Ting Tings upbeat dance tracks and catchy lyrics they are worth a listen, whether at the club, or on the car stereo, or at home. And for those who did not catch on early enough to score tickets to Saturday’s show, they are definitely worth a trip to whatever live music venue they play next time they are in Vancouver. Fingers crossed that will be soon.


1. bay on April 13, 2009

Great review - I'll definitely have a listen!

Any Comments?


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