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The Grates Just Want to Have Fun

Published: July 21, 2009

“We just want to have fun and we hope other people do too”, Patience Hodgson lead singer of the Grates has been quoted as saying*, and while listening to either of their two albums it is almost impossible not to. The Grates consists of Patience on vocals, John Patterson on guitar and Alana Skyring on drums. Together they combine catchy lyrics and buoyant rhythms to create a blend of music not easy to forget or stop listening to.

The band officially formed in 2004 and has since developed immense acclaim in their home country of Australia with multiple entries on the Aussie radio station Triple J’s annual Hottest 100 countdown. Their lively rhythms and playful lyrics are thankfully now catching the ears of North Americans and they are currently touring the East Coast.

The trio is not your average pop punk band and they won’t bore you album after album with cheesy teenage love songs, but rather they’ll regale you with sass. Lyrics such as “Milk eyes, what a surprise, I didn't think that I'd be ordering for two. Little legs what do you say, why don't we go and get some milkshake from boobs?” would captivate even the most detached listener allowing the energetic rhythms to draw them in.

If you’re in need of a little fun listen to a selection of their tracks on their myspace page. Before you know it you’ll be tapping your foot. The Grates won’t be your guilty pleasure. They’ll make you want to sing along and they’ll make you want to dance and by the end of the song you’ll be glad you did.


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